How to Give

Eldad Elim Church runs and functions only when those who attend the church give in a regular and committed way to the church.  

Giving by Standing Order

The most efficient and effective way to give is by completing a Standing order to the church bank on a regular basis. Forms are available at Church or from this  Standing Order Form link,  and can be completed and passed to the Church Treasurer.  

Online Giving

To give using a credit or debit card please use this online donation link.

Offering Boxes

We do not take offerings during our Sunday services, but do have boxes at the back of Church for people to put an offering into.

Gift Aid

As Eldad Elim Church is a charity we do have opportunity to claim money back from the States of Guernsey based on your giving.  If you pay income tax, and have, in a single calendar year, given more than £500 to the church then by filling in a simple form, and handing it to the treasurer, we can claim the Income Tax you paid on that money back from the States.  This means that a £500 donation is proportionately increased.  

Here is the link to the Gift Aid Form.