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14th January 2018

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Week of Prayer

We have had a wonderful week of prayer and fasting, and I am sure that as a church we will reap the benefits of this over the coming year, but don’t think that that is it for the year!  Can we remind you that we have a prayer meeting on a Sunday evening once a month and on a Saturday morning once a month, as well as a time of prayer before every Sunday morning service, 9.30 ~ 10.00.  It would be wonderful if you could join us at these times.

Sunday 11th February 2018 - Vision Day

Our Vision day will be held on Sunday 11th Feb 2018.  We’ll be looking back and celebrating the last year and looking forward to the coming year.  Our written annual report will be available a week or two before the vision day.  If you are a department leader can you please get your single page written report to Martyn Langlois by Sunday January 14th at the latest - including pictures if you can.  Thank you!

Contact details, data protection and you

We are in the process of implementing a new system for keeping records of all of the people connected with Eldad.  This is using a product called iKnowChurch and is produced by the same company who handle our church website.  As part of this process we also need to look at how we handle data with the upcoming changes to data protection legislation (GDPR).  If you have any experience in this area, then please let Pastor Mick know - help would be greatly appreciated.

Guernsey House of Prayer is open!

Guernsey House of Prayer has now been launched and is open to all.  It is based at St Peter’s Church and is open during the day and evenings by booking in.  Click here to book a slot. Go alone, or with a group.

Gill’s Legacy

Martyn has now produced a web site to promote the Legacy projects being worked on in Gill’s memory.  Please take a look at