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18th March 2018

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Gift day - thank you!

Thank you to everyone who made donations to the Church Lighting Fund over the past week - if you have not yet done so but planned to, then envelopes are still available or you can make a bank transfer.

Church Cleaning

We have had someone coming in to clean the church for many years, but they have now resigned from that position.  From Saturday 31st March we need to have a new cleaning team in place. We would love it if a number of teams of two could be found to do the cleaning at church on a regular basis, as well as a main person to organise the rota.  It generally takes about two hours for two people. Could you help?
If this could be you - then please speak to one of the pastors.

Wanted - Holiday club props

For our holiday club we are looking for props to set the scene for our Polar Explorers theme. Do you have any winter sports equipment (for decoration, not to be played with), ski clothes that can be used for dressing up (adults or children’s), snow-themed decorations, old white sheets, etc.  We also need junk-modelling supplies. Please let Mich, David or Heather know, thanks.

Focus Verse of the year - 2018

Our focus for 2018 is deeper and wider and so we have chosen 1 Peter 3:15 as our verse of the year - "But dedicate your lives to Christ as Lord. Always be ready to defend your confidence in God when anyone asks you to explain it. However, make your defence with gentleness and respect." - (God's Word Translation, 1995, Baker Publishing Group). Small laminated cards with the verse on are available - so if you have not picked one up please do so.

Gift Aid claims for 2017

If you pay income tax and have given more than £500 to Eldad during 2017, then by filling in a simple form and handing it to the treasurer, we can claim the Income Tax you paid on that money back from the States.  This means that your donation is increased at no cost to you. Forms are available via the church web site or on the information board at the back of church.

Greetings Cards

David Le Page and Cordelia Guerin make beautiful greetings cards which are available to buy from the Resource Centre at the back of church. All money raised goes to the Care Fund, so next time you need a card for a special occasion, don’t forget to look there first.

Contact details, data protection and you

We are in the process of implementing a new system for keeping records of all of the people connected with Eldad.  This is using a product called iKnowChurch and is produced by the same company who handle our church website.  As part of this process we also need to look at how we handle data with the upcoming changes to data protection legislation (GDPR).  If you have any experience in this area, then please let Pastor Mick know - help would be greatly appreciated.

Guernsey House of Prayer is open!

Guernsey House of Prayer has now been launched and is open to all.  It is based at St Peter’s Church and is open during the day and evenings by booking in.  Click here to book a slot. Go alone, or with a group.

Gill’s Legacy

Martyn has now produced a web site to promote the Legacy projects being worked on in Gill’s memory.  Please take a look at