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12th February 2017

Gift Aid

If you pay income tax, and have, in a single calendar year, given more than £500 to Eldad then by filling in a simple form, and handing it to the treasurer, we can claim the Income Tax you paid on that money back from the States.  This means that your donation is increased. Forms are available via the church web site or on the information board at the back of church.

World Orbit - can you help?

Over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of March we will be discovering the breadth and variety of God’s Kingdom represented in Eldad and around the world - see the notice below - but we need your help.

  • Can you bring some food from your culture to share?  Please see Hannah.

  • Can you tell or show us something special about your culture - show some pictures, teach us a song, perform something traditional, ... ?  Please see Mick or Heather.

  • Do you have any traditional clothing that you are happy for other people to dress up in for a photo?  Please see Mick or Heather.