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23rd September 2018

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29th September - Help Needed - relief cleaner

Betty is away this weekend, so we need someone (or a couple of people) to come in and clean the church sometime over the weekend. If you are able to help, or would like more information, please speak to Betty or one of the Pastors.

Help Available - Lord’s Larder Foodbank

Don’t forget that we have our own foodbank here at Eldad. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of help with food items, you can speak in complete confidence to Margaret Le Page, Lynne Kellett-Smith, or one of the Pastors.  Thank you to those of you who donate items for this. If you would like to know what sort of things to give, look at the notice on the board at the back of church.

Formation Groups

If you want to grow deeper in your walk with Jesus, then please consider becoming part of a Formation Group.  We have produced a leaflet that explains how they are formed and other information, pick one up from the back of church. If you have any questions please speak to one of the Pastors.

Help needed - Trailblazers and Limitless Sunday

We are looking for some additional volunteers who would be willing to lead and/or help out with our Sunday activities for children (Trailblazers, children aged 4-10) and youth (Limitless Sunday, ages 10 and up). If you feel this is something you'd like to get involved with, or would like further information, please speak to David Wright or Michelle Brehaut


As May is going to be away in Singapore for a period of time, Breathe on a Friday morning will be taking a break.  We’ll let you know when it will be starting up again. Yes, Breathe is having a breather!

Focus Verse of the year - 2018

Our focus for 2018 is deeper and wider and so we have chosen 1 Peter 3:15 as our verse of the year - "But dedicate your lives to Christ as Lord. Always be ready to defend your confidence in God when anyone asks you to explain it. However, make your defence with gentleness and respect." - (God's Word Translation, 1995, Baker Publishing Group). Small laminated cards with the verse on are available - so if you have not picked one up please do so.

Greetings Cards

David Le Page and Cordelia Guerin make beautiful greetings cards which are available to buy from the Resource Centre at the back of church. All money raised goes to the Care Fund, so next time you need a card for a special occasion, don’t forget to look there first.

Guernsey House of Prayer is open!

Guernsey House of Prayer has now been launched and is open to all.  It is based at St Peter’s Church and is open during the day and evenings by booking in. Click here to book a slot. Go alone, or with a group.

Gill’s Legacy

Martyn has now produced a web site to promote the Legacy projects being worked on in Gill’s memory.  Please take a look at