Coronavirus and Eldad

March 22nd 2021

As Guernsey exits lockdown, our activities and services will return to normal.  Our services will continue to be livestreamed on Sunday mornings and be available to watch afterwards on our YouTube channel:

January 23rd 2021

Lockdown #2

Guernsey has today gone into its second lockdown.  As a result of this we will only be streaming our services and not meeting in person for the next couple of Sundays at least.  All other church meetings, including Connect Groups and times of prayer will only go ahead where they can be done online.  Please also note that our weekly Friday quiz will also resume on Zoom, contact us for further details.

Our live stream will go out on Sunday at 10.30am on or on our YouTube channel - Eldad Elim Church.  If you can't make 10.30am, the services are available on YouTube afterwards for you to catch up.

Watch this website, our Facebook page or contact us for updates.

June 2020

Moving out of Lockdown #1

Although Guernsey is moving steadily out of lockdown, we are not yet ready to resume Sunday morning services from the church building. We will continue to have our services online, 10.30am every Sunday on or on our YouTube channel - Eldad Elim Church.  If you can't make 10.30am, the services are available on YouTube afterwards for you to catch up.

Watch this website, our Facebook page or contact us for updates.

April 2020

While we are unable to meet in our building, we are streaming our services every Sunday at 10.30am on and on YouTube. The services remain available to view on YouTube after streaming. 

Other smaller groups are meeting via Zoom. Contact us for more information.

Wed March 25th - Lockdown in Guernsey

Following the announcement by The States and Public Health last night asking everyone to Stay at Home, except for certain reasons - we will not be gathering in Church to stream our services. The church however is still open, alive and well!  We are taking on board the learning from last week's virtual prayer meeting, and looking at the best way of doing our virtual meeting this weekend.  This Sunday will include worship and praise, will include music, will include prayer and also a bible based talk and we really want it to include you - so connect with us at 10.30am on Sunday.  More information on how to link in will come out very soon!

Fri March 20th - Sunday's Prayer Meeting at 10am

Along with the schools closure announcement yesterday, the guidance and advice on Social Distancing has also been amended. The guidance document now includes a question about various places of social gatherings. Here is an extract ...

Will pubs, theatres, gyms, nightclubs close, what about big sport games?

COVID-19 spreads through close sustained contact with someone who has the virus (for instance being within 2 metres of someone for longer than 15 minutes).

We are issuing advice on gatherings but are conscious of the fact that any public health actions to stop or slow the spread of the infection will be balanced against the need to keep the islands running.

... This means rather than us having a Church Prayer Meeting on Sunday morning we are having a Virtual Prayer Meeting. We would like most people to attend virtually although we will have the church building open.

More specific information on the Virtual Prayer Meeting and how to join in is available here

Thu March 19th

For information on what is happening with Eldad After School Club in respect of the school closures announce today, click here

Tue March 17th

As promised last Sunday, we are now updating you all further on what is happening.  You may have already heard that churches are closing down meetings this Sunday (22nd) and this is to ensure that we are all kept as safe as possible in the current climate.  This Guernsey-wide decision was made following a meeting yesterday of a number of church leaders and also ties in with advice from Elim in the UK today.

Our verse of the year includes the words "honouring one another above ourselves" and that includes the vulnerable.

Because the States of Guernsey has not yet officially stopped public meetings, but is encouraging physical distancing, we will be meeting on Sunday morning in the church building for prayer at 10.00 for one hour.  We will be looking at ways in which we can engage those who cannot attend in person to pray with us at that time.  Can we emphasise if you are over 65 or have underlying health conditions that you shouldn't attend in line Public Health advice.  If you are suffering cold or flu like symptoms - please consider the welfare of others and also do not attend.

More information on ways you can connect and engage in that time will come out in a further communication at the end of this week.

We are also looking at ways in which we may be able to use technology to hold meetings together with some elements of livestreaming in the future.

This is new ground for all of us, and so we will be exploring together in our scattered state, new ways of being church.

Every Blessing,

Mick & Heather


Sat March 14th 2020

You will all be aware of the current situation regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. We care very much about all those connected to Eldad and want to do all we can to protect the vulnerable from infection, whilst continuing to serve you as your Pastors.

The situation is changing almost daily and we will follow the official advice as it is given. As it stands today (Sat 14/3/20) we will continue with most of our planned meetings and activities, but these will be kept under constant review. The exception to this will be YAH and the Seniors Meal, which are aimed at a vulnerable group and have been cancelled for this month.

We all have a part to play in keeping each other protected as much as possible:

  1. Follow the advice on self-isolating: “anyone who has flu-like symptoms (cough, sore throat, running or blocked nose, muscle pains, fatigue) or a fever needs to self-isolate for the duration of these symptoms AND for 48 hours after the resolution of these symptoms.” We all have a responsibility to protect one another from unnecessary risk. Please don’t attend any meetings if you are experiencing the above symptoms.
  2. If you are vulnerable (older, or with underlying health issues) the advice is to avoid unnecessary contact with others, so please consider whether it is wise for you to be in our services or other meetings. If you prefer not to come, we understand. Please let us know so that we can continue to serve you in appropriate ways and offer help and support if needed.
  3. Usually we love to greet each other with a hug, handshake or even a kiss. Let’s look for alternative ways of greeting each other, elbow taps and jazz hands are good options!
  4. Look out for one another. If people are not coming out, keep in touch by phone or social media and offer help if needed.
  5. Follow the advice on hand washing. We have plenty of soap at church! We are trying to get hold of sanitiser gel, but this is a challenge at the moment!
  6. We will take extra measures to keep the church clean. If you can help with this, please speak to us.
  7. We will consider carefully how we can share communion together safely.
  8. We will continue to review our practices and plans as the situation develops, and we will keep you updated. The easiest way for us to do this is by email, so please ensure we have your contact details, particularly an up to date email address if you have one. We will also add a specific page to the church website and links from the Facebook page.

Whilst this is a time of uncertainty and fear for some, we have a message of hope and certainty in Jesus. Let us show our love for Jesus, one another and those around us as we approach the coming weeks and months, whatever they bring.

God bless you all,

Mick & Heather