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April 2021

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Online Alpha Checklist

Beginning on 21st April we will be running Alpha online, joining with Elim nationally, but running local groups on Zoom for you to invite people from your frontline to attend. Are you ready?

  • Who can you invite? Write their names somewhere you will see them regularly to remind you to pray for them.

  • Share the social media posts that we will be starting this week

  • Personally invite those on your list (they are much more likely to come if invited personally)

  • Offer to attend with them to make them more comfortable (don’t forget to register yourself too:

  • Commit to praying every Wednesday while the sessions are running.

We will need group hosts and helpers and technical helpers. Could you do this?  There will be a training session on Sunday 18th April, 6-7pm on Zoom for all hosts and helpers, which will include Zoom help for those who need it.

Click here for more info and to register.

Really Good News - What’s your story?

Have you seen the stories? Have you shared them with your friends? We have really good news to share and this is a simple way to do it.

What’s your good news story? How has Jesus changed your life? Why not record your own short (1-2mins) video story (on a phone record it so we have a wide shot please) and share it with us?

Frontline Selfies

To help us to pray for one another, we’d love to display a picture of you on your frontline. That could be at work; with your family, neighbour or friend; at the gym or a club/group you are part of. Send your photo to and we’ll print them off and put them on the prayer board at the back of church.

Important Info

It’s great to be back in the building, but we need to remember a few things to keep us all safe and make everyone feel welcome.

Feeling unwell? - please don’t come! If you have any Covid symptoms, however mild, please stay at home and join in online instead. (And get yourself tested)

Hand hygiene - there is sanitiser available at the entrance, please use it as you come in.

Masks - masks are optional. Please respect others who may feel differently to you about wearing a mask. If it makes you feel more comfortable, please wear one.

Personal space - respect that some people don’t want hugs or handshakes, ask first.

Keeping in touch - do we have your contact details? These are really important for two reasons: 1) If there was a positive case and you needed to be contacted. 2) We send out important updates by email, WhatsApp and Facebook. Use the Welcome sheet to give us or update your details. 


Inspiring our Youth

Can you teach, encourage and inspire our 10-16 year olds? We are looking for a new team of people to work with the young people on a Sunday morning. Speak to Michelle for more information. (All those working with children and young people are required to have a DBS check and work within our Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct)

Lord’s Larder - can you help?

Our Lord’s Larder is a small food bank that we use to support people in the church, or known to us, who need it. Donations of non-perishable items can be left in the baskets under the table at the back of the church. There are some small cards with suggested items on for you to keep in your wallet.  If you, or anyone you know are in need of a food parcel you can speak to Margaret Le Page or Lynne Kellett-Smith in confidence.


If you would like prayer for anything, contact us on

Your Stories

We’d love to hear what God is doing in your life. Share your stories and experiences with us, so that we can all be encouraged and pray for you.